India Visa Fees

India e-tourist visa for $25

Big News Coming out from India. Tourism Minister Prahlad Patel has revised India’s e-Visa fees.

As per new strategy adopted by Modi govt. to give substantial growth to Indian tourism, India will now offer different e-Visa fee during the peak season and lean seasons.

India from now during the peak tourism season which is from July to March will now offer a 30-day e-tourist visa for a fee of $25 and $10 during the lean period which is from April to June.

According to the sources, Mr. Prahlad Patel also announced a 5-year e-tourist visa for a fee of $80 and a 1-year visa for a fee of $40. The minister further said that for Japan, Singapore and Sri Lanka lean period visa fee will be $10 and $25 for 30 days, 1 year and 5 years.

Speaking at the inauguration of a meeting with state government representatives on tourism on Tuesday, minister Prahlad Patel said the move was to encourage tourists to visit India.

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